Don’t Forget your Brollie

Date: Jan 8, 2019:

Don’t Forget your Brollie

So…… two guys walk up to a bar and the bartender says…….. “LOOK OUT!!!!!!”………

I’m in the heart of the Sydney CBD yesterday after wrapping up meetings for the day and thought (as did another well-dressed suit at precisely the same time) given the extreme heat of the day and the rather long walk ahead of me to the hotel I might cool off with a nice cold beer.

At that moment a previously non-existent wind kicked into cyclone mode and a very large shade umbrella literally launched itself overhead and in the general direction of Thursday afternoon Pitt St traffic. Instinctively both myself and previously mentioned “suit” reached out and grabbed the umbrella pole and were subsequently dragged, Mary Poppins style, to the edge of the glass balustrade where we propped and stopped its advance.

An extremely relieved bartender races through the rubble of upturned tables and chairs, helps get the umbrella under control by quickly pulling the locking pin allowing it to fold down, thanks us for preventing a potentially fatal car crash and promptly offers both of us free beer which we, of course, must accept.

What does this have to do with financial planning? nothing except that as it turns out, ‘ol mate in the suit is though not from the Gold Coast but from Melbourne. Introductions complete, we recap the fateful events of the last few minutes while drinking an icy cold beer at the bar made even more enjoyable because it’s free and congratulate each other on the fact that, if you’ve got a good one, you can always count on your financial adviser to be there when you need him!

Your current “out of left field life-threatening emergency” might not be what you expected when you first start dealing with your adviser but if they’re good enough, he or she will have the experience to act quickly and save you from a fate worse than death. Well maybe not that bad but that sounded like an appropriate ending!

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