Australian and International Equities

Australia is a country that came through the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) relatively unscathed compared to other international markets. This was due to many factors however a stable economic structure underpinned most of these. This market stability endures and as a result of the recent Royal Commission (2018-2019) is expected to strengthen going forward. Currently there are dozens of opportunities for Australian residents to invest in quality yet undervalued assets that will deliver outstanding results over the ensuing years.

Australian residents also now have the option to invest in some of the world’s most exciting emerging markets or diversifying their portfolio across well know international brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Alibaba.

Whether you choose to invest on a local or international scale, Thomas Cardwell can assist you by enhancing your returns, and ensuring that your choices outperform long term inflation.

No matter how you want to build or structure your investment portfolio or whether you’re seeking short-term cash, fixed income, capital growth or a longer-term investment that offers a combination of capital growth, dividends or distributions, Thomas Cardwell and Associates can provide you with the advice you need to accomplish your objectives.

Depending on your investment needs and situation, you could even find yourself enjoying a tax advantage through franking credits, as well as discounts on capital gains tax.

Why negotiate these markets without assistance, when you can get help from experts in the field?

The Thomas Cardwell & Associates approach to equity investments

When a client decides they’re ready to enter the equities market we start by conducting in-depth research and evaluations of several suitable portfolios, taking into consideration whether the risk is worth the reward. In addition to currency considerations (hedged or un-hedged), political stability and market liquidity, we also look at how likely it will be that the portfolio will perform above its minimum expected outcome and that the fees, accounting, and reporting is structured to achieve the most appropriate results.

These factors can depend on many things including your projected time frame and available capital and as such, no two strategies will be alike. It’s all about creating the perfect balance in terms of individual performance, that will meet your investment needs.

Having successfully guided hundreds of clients towards meeting their goals in terms of Australian and International equities, you can trust Thomas Cardwell and Associates to steer you in the right direction.


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