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Why choose Thomas Cardwell & Associates to manage your superannuation fund?

A lot of superannuation fund members have commented over the years that they’ve never met or even spoken with anyone from their super fund. Their allocated “adviser” is simply a name on a statement. If you’re currently in this situation then you are just one client of many, who won’t be getting the one-on-one attention that you deserve. With Thomas Cardwell & Associates, you can look forward to working with an advisor who you will not only know personally, but who will make it their priority to speak to you face-to-face where possible, and work with you to actively manage your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Fee, fie, foe, fum or is it fee – high, low, none? Some industry “giants” claim to have “low” or “no” fees, but in most cases they bundle their fees into your returns well before you receive them decreasing what you will eventually get back at retirement. These fees are often calculated using highly complicated formula that makes it almost impossible for the average person to isolate or understand them. Call your current fund and ask them to fully explain how their fees apply to you specifically, what trustee or union payments are being made every year, what their advertising budget is and how much all these things will ultimately affect the amount you’ll receive at retirement? If they can’t tell you, we certainly can and through active portfolio and fee management, we can create better results. One of our past clients who allowed us to work with their financial management experienced a leap in average annualised returns from their historical 4.2% to just under 9.5%. From a starting balance of $51,238 and over a 15 year period our approach afforded them an increase from an expected $238,649 to $423,145. That was an extra $184,496 at retirement*

Getting what you paid for

When it comes to your superannuation advice on the Gold Coast or pension fund investment, your annual returns, not fees, will have the biggest impact on your retirement. We’ve proven that an actively managed strategy can protect you during market downturns while making the most of market increases. It’s why we take extra measures to continually monitor market drivers both local and international, that may affect your portfolio to make sure our clients are getting better returns on their investment, using a strategy that works best for their particular risk profile.

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*calculation is based on the following; starting balance of $51,238 with historic 10 year annualised returns of 4.2% reinvested into a growth portfolio that attained 15 year annualised returns of 9.5% with averaged employer contributions of $7,310 over the same period

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