Why Choose Thomas Cardwell & Associates

Ask your current adviser or accountant this question….
“What other businesses have they started and successfully operated?”
If the answer is none, how can they appreciate what you experience everyday or know the passion you have to succeed
“Before I became a financial advisor, I spent many, many years starting up and successfully growing several different businesses in a variety of sectors from import/export to manufacturing through wholesale distribution and even retail. I believe this experience allows me to add value as an advisor, as I feel that in many cases I have a deeper understanding of where the average business owner and entrepreneur is coming from, what drives them and in many cases what their needs are. I have come to discover that today’s clients are not interested in dry, textbook advice that has no meaning to them. They crave authentic, real life knowledge gained from real life experiences. This puts them ahead of the game and when this is combined with good financial strategies, it can create a powerful force!”.

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