Roslyn Smith

“Lloyd Thomas has been managing my financial affairs for 6+ years now and the decision to have him do so has been a great one.

With me no longer in the work force and of an age where there isn’t time left to re-coup any serious loss of funds from Superannuation ,it’s even more important to me that someone has their finger on the pulse where my money is concerned.

Lloyd has listened to my family and lifestyle needs, and our discussions to this end have been many and varied, settling on a portfolio focusing on good return to accommodate them.

Receiving a monthly allowance/payment ( that can be tweaked from time to time as needs dictate) means for me life is good. I know what funds I have and am informed of any updates or changes if they arise.

It is also reassuring to know that throughout world market fluctuations and the changing demands of my life , Lloyd is a phone call away, ever available to answer any questions and offer advice that covers many things far outside the usual range of financial planning.

Being a very personable, switched on and professional individual is just pleasant bonus.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Lloyd and his company to anyone. I have every confidence in his abilities and his integrity.”