Cyber crime and scam/fraud

I know we keep hearing about cyber crime and a variety of scam/fraud stories in the media but I had a timely reminder this morning of just how incredibly sophisticated scammers are getting.

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As much as it takes

06/09/2022 After making it through the August ASX company reporting season relatively unscathed with only a few minor surprises, all eyes are on interest rates again.

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Busy time for markets globally

21/06/2022 Last week (13th June, 2022) was a busy time for markets globally and ours was no different. Our main reference index, the XJO or ASX200 as it’s better known, was down roughly 12.5% and panic was, as usual, rife in the media. Once again however, this produces opportunities.

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The Markets

27/05/22 With the election over and Australians sending a clear signal to politician’s nationally that we really are fed up with them, hopefully we’ll begin to see change.

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27/04/22 So it’s finally showing up in the numbers….. inflation is officially now a problem

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Update on Lending Stats

1st November 2021 Good morning and welcome to another week. As noted previously, my topics of discussion right now are dominated by two things (1), can the property market fall? …

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The Property Value Conundrum 2

8th October 2021 Further to my blog yesterday we’ve just had stats release for building approvals which clarifies the “supply” side that I mentioned. See the graphs below for details. …

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The Property Value Conundrum

7th October 2021 For the most part of the last 6 months, almost every conversation I’ve had both professionally and socially has started with “where do you think property prices …

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Wobbly Wheels

27th August 2021 As you know I’m generally a very positive person but there’s a limit. It’s like picking through an abandon gold field saying “I’m sure there’s value here …

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Go Buy Them Shoes!

May 14th, 2020 Is anyone else getting fed up with the sheer number of COVID-19 updates bombarding the senses from every quarter or is it just me?? Not sure if …

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“We were introduced to Lloyd by a mutual associate way back in 2002. In that time Lloyd has advised & guided us through the financial world of investments & investment properties as well as setting up strategies for our retirement. Like most people we have gone through the ups & downs of investments but Lloyd has always been there to steer us through ensuring our financial future is secure. We know we can call him anytime to discuss matters and he has on numerous occasions gone above ‘the call of duty’ as a consultant to ensure a ‘problem’ is solved for us. What started out as just a ‘consultant client relationship’ 15 years ago has developed into a long term friendship with great mutual respect. I would not hesitate in referring anyone to him that wants to improve their own financial situation.”

John and Catherine Rodgers

“Lloyd Thomas has been managing my financial affairs for 6+ years now and the decision to have him do so has been a great one.

With me no longer in the work force and of an age where there isn’t time left to re-coup any serious loss of funds from Superannuation ,it’s even more important to me that someone has their finger on the pulse where my money is concerned.

Lloyd has listened to my family and lifestyle needs, and our discussions to this end have been many and varied, settling on a portfolio focusing on good return to accommodate them.

Receiving a monthly allowance/payment ( that can be tweaked from time to time as needs dictate) means for me life is good. I know what funds I have and am informed of any updates or changes if they arise.

It is also reassuring to know that throughout world market fluctuations and the changing demands of my life , Lloyd is a phone call away, ever available to answer any questions and offer advice that covers many things far outside the usual range of financial planning.

Being a very personable, switched on and professional individual is just pleasant bonus.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Lloyd and his company to anyone. I have every confidence in his abilities and his integrity.”

Roslyn Smith

“I have been dealing with Lloyd for many years. It is so important to find someone who is genuinely interested in the client and their needs. I trust Lloyd’s advice and am at ease knowing my financial affairs are in order and both mine and my daughter’s future secure. I highly recommend Lloyd as he not only knows what he is talking about but he will go out of his way to look after you and has done for me on more than one occasion which is greatly appreciated.”

Belinda Davidson

I needed help with my superannuation Gold Coast. The multiple options available and different investing plans had me overwhelmed. Not to mention I still felt like I was too young to think about it! I wanted to let future me worry about my super.

I was initially concerned about choosing an advisor because “you don’t know what you don’t know”. How could I be sure that they weren’t out to cheat me or coerce me into decisions for their benefits?

What I found was a person who genuinely wanted to help me achieve my goals. At our first meeting, Lloyd’s first two questions were:

What do you want to achieve? and
What plans do you already have in place to make this happen?
At this point I knew I was going to be working with someone who would help and guide me, not someone who wanted to sell me something.

The results that I got include a super fund that I now fully understand with monitored returns and a single contact person who is always willing to explain anything that I have questions about. Lloyd’s customer service is second to none.

I particularly liked Lloyd’s willingness to make sure I understood everything. Even when my ‘simple questions’ required a multi page email explanation. Lloyd has always been comforting and explains tangled concepts in an easy to understand way.

I actively recommend Lloyd to anyone who has any questions regarding their financial future.

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Jennifer and Laurie Paterson